Professional Sound Recording
IndieSFX is a game sound effects library founded in 2002 by Mark Sheeky with an emphasis on sound quality and usefulness. So many sounds for games were recycled or poor quality when I wanted the best recordings. I use studio quality Rode condenser microphones and 24-bit digital recording technology, plus custom-designed software with original 32-bit algorithms to hand-create all of the IndieSFX sound effects.

IndieSFX sound effects are on sale across the internet and licenced for resale by game creator software, game engines, and game development studios. IndieSFX sound effects are available for sub-licencing, and I can create and supply exclusive and non-exclusive sound packs for a variety of products.

IndieSFX sound effects and music are available to game developers, film makers and anyone else via two channels on one for sound effects, one for music.

Most of the IndieSFX sound effect library was ultimately created using bespoke audio software for Windows called SFXEngine. SFXEngine is a modular, plug-in-based audio tool for creating and manipulating high quality audio. Used for over 100 commercial games, SFXEngine is now available to purchase and use exclusively on Steam, with bonus content in continual development.

Sound Effect Usage Licence
Click here to view the terms of use for the sound effects on sale here.

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