S009 Controls

Every game need control action sounds. Every menu selection or scroll, mouse click, icon selection or message to the user should have a confirmation or affirmation bleep, click or alert. This large set contains a huge quantity of sounds for just those sorts of action, including several perfectly looping alarm sounds.

200 Sound Effects
Woo, AlarmYellow, AlarmClassic, AlarmFire, AlarmIncoming, AlarmMedicalHi, AlarmMedicalLo, AlarmPink, AlarmPolice, AlarmSinus, AlarmSquare, AlarmUp, AlarmWarble, AlarmAbandon, AlertDark, AlertHi, AlertLight, AlertLo, ArtooHi, ArtooLo, BellComplete, BleepBlop, BleepBlopLo, BleepButterfly, BleepConfirm, BleepCricketHi, BleepCricketLo, BleepDaggerHi, BleepDaggerLo, BleepHorn, BleepShadowHi, BleepShadowLo, BleepShadowMid, BleepSmoothHi, BleepSmoothLo, BleepSqueeze, BleepTelephone, BleepVL1, BleepVL2, BleepWhite, BleepWillow, BonusDownC, BonusDownF, BonusGoodbye, BonusHello, BonusUpC, BonusUpF, BoxComplete, Breathness1, Breathness2, Breathness3, Breathness4, Breathness5, BuzzerHi, BuzzerLo, CelestaDown, CelestaUp, ClickSwitchLight, ClickSwitchRaw, CommsHi, CommsLo, Confirm, ConfirmHiLo, ConfirmNotOkay, ConfirmOkay, ConfirmPlanted, ConfirmRadio, ConfirmUp, Conputer, ConsoleAccess, ConsoleStart, ConsoleYes, DataGood, DataSent, Deactivate, DeetooHi, DeetooLo, DeniedExtreme, DeniedHi, DeniedLo, Deny, Entrance, Error, EventDown, EventUp, FluxDown, FluxUp, FluxWideDown, FluxWideUp, FM1, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5, Found, GambleHi, GambleLo, GambleMid, Hail, HailHappy, HailSad, HelloThere, InvasiveDown, InvasiveUp, KeyPad, KeyProgram, KeyTimer, LockedHi, LockedLo, Lost, MenuHi, MenuItem, MenuLo, MenuSelect, MenuSmoothClose, MenuSmoothOpen, MessageBad, MessageGood, MouseFootstep, MouseHard, MouseMarble, MousePulse, MouseSoft, MouseSquare, MouseTick, MouseWood, MouseZap, Oow, OptionSineHi, OptionSineLo, OptionToneHi, OptionToneLo, OptionUpHi, OptionUpLo, OptionUpMid, PulseDeselecta, PulseSelecta, PulseSwitch, PuterDudHi, PuterDudLo, PuterHi, PuterLo, PuterWop, Radio, Robochatter, SelectGTW, SelectRock, SelectTarget, SelectThermo, SelectZap, SineClose, SineHail, SineHear, SineOpen, SlurDown, SlurUp, SmoothToneA2, SmoothToneB2, SmoothToneC2, SmoothToneC3, SmoothToneG2, Strangle, TargetCancelled, TargetFailed, TargetSet, Tick909, TickBambooHi, TickBambooLo, TickCowbell, TickFlimbo, TickOak, TickRadiation, Tone1, Tone2, Tone3, Tone4, ValveDown, ValveHi, ValveLo, ValveUp, WarningSunday, WarningBarney, WarningBetty, WarningInvasion, WarningPaninaro, WarningSmooth, WarningAnnoying, White350, White400, White450, WiggleDownHi, WiggleDownLo, WiggleUpHi, WiggleUpLo, WindowBleepHi, WindowBleepLo, Windscreen, WitchHi, WitchLo, Activate.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.