S008 Gunfire

This set contains a large amount of machine gun, pistol, and other gunshot sounds. Most of the sounds are geared towards real-world weapons, although there is a sci-fi edge too, and the sounds would work well in first person shooter games, strategy games, or in an arcade space environment.

102 Sound Effects
Woody, Ajax, Alien, Artillery, Banging, Battlefield, BlackBeret, Bolting, Bond, Boxer, Bren, CanCan, Cannon1, Cannon2, CasingBounce, CasingFall, CasingKrisna, CasingStatic, Clappy, Clint, Commodore, Conner, Cornflake, Crispy, Curious, DeathCamera, Distance, DryBone, Eighteen, Ejector, Empty, Expedition, FlatMini1, FlatMini2, Flatspace, Guire, Handcrisp, Handgun, Hilt, KickFlimbo, Knocking, Luger, M16A, M16B, Magnum, Maxim, Mechanix, MissMuzz, Muzzled, Nest, Nineteen, Oswald1, Oswald2, Outside, Paper, Piledriver1, Piledriver2, Robomorph, Roland, Rolling, Rotary, SingleHammer, SingleShot, Slapdown, Smooth, Snared, Snub1, Snub2, SpringClip, SpringJam, Starcannon, Sten, Stutter, SubM1, SubM2, TinTray, Trench, Typewriter, Velvet, Weiss, White, Wide, WineKorg, Woodpecker, Action, Typehammer, Artifact, Brash, Cannonesque, FlatArtillery, Hardwood, Mince, Mufflers, MutedTickle, Parallel, Snap, Snub, Thin, Traintrack, Trenches, Africa, Distant.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.