S007 Glass

Glass contains lots of raw recordings of glass breaks and effects. All recordings are mono and dry, taken from live sources to create a unique resource of sound effects which are useful when realism is needed, and excellent for layering to make complex sounds. The light bulb break sounds, for example, make great crunch effects for weapons fire.

101 Sound Effects
Accident, Ambling, Ballunacy, Beaker, Bit, BitBigger, BiteDown, Bits, Breakage, Cheers, Clash, Crispness, CrunchingAnts, CrunchingWorms, DistortionAttack, DistortionPane, Forced, Fragment01, Fragment02, Fragment03, Fragment04, Fragment05, Fragment06, Fragment07, Fragment08, Fragment09, Fragment10, Fragment11, Fragment12, Fragment13, Fragment14, GlassBush, GlassFire, GlassKeys, GlassScissors, GlassSwitch, GravelBite, GravelDot, GravelTeardrop, ImpactBits, Impactoid, KissBrown, KissGreen, KissWhite, Landslide, LightBreak, LightBrigade, LightbulbBreak, LightbulbBroken, LightbulbClean, LightbulbCrisp, LightbulbEnd, LightbulbHammer, LightbulbLight, LightbulbTinkle, LightbulbTiny, LightbulbWobble, Lock, LoudBlade, LoudBlaiden, Milk, MilkMan, Monster, MoreMilk, Percussive, Potter, RicoChe, RicoChorus, RicoDay, RicoDull, RicoFlat, RicoRice, RicoVinegar, RicoVino, RoadsideGravel, ShardFalling, ShardLight, Silicon, Slammer, SlideBreath, SpringBounce, SpringClip, SpringFragment, SpringParts, Stepping1, SteppingDeep, SteppingEat, SteppingFeet, SteppingOuch, Swallow, TeaseMe, TestTube, ThinCup, Tinkle, TinkleTuneful, TinkleWindchime, TinyWindow, Twince, Underfoot, UnderfootSlow, Violent.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.