S054 Footsteps

An all-new set of footstep sounds for every occasion and surface, covering hard surfaces with different footwear, leather shoes, wood steps, steps on stone floors, metal grates, snow, grass and gravel, each separate steps with lots of variety to keep things fresh with each step. Some robot steps with motor noises are included, insect and monster steps too, and distant muffled steps, walking in tunnels and corridors, tiptoes, and a few arcade style steps to round off this comprehensive collection. All sounds are supplied in mono and stereo, wet and dry to give you compete control.

158 Sound Effects
SimpleStep01, SimpleStep02, SimpleStep03, SimpleStep04, GrassStep01, GrassStep02, GrassStep03, GrassStep04, GrassStep05, GrassStep06, GrassStep07, GrassStep08, SoftStep01, SoftStep02, SoftStep03, SoftStep04, OldLeather01, OldLeather02, OldLeather03, OldLeather04, SlideStep01, SlideStep02, SlideStep03, SlideStep04, SlideStep05, SlideStep06, SlideStep07, SlideStep08, WalkSpider01, WalkSpider02, WalkRobot01, WalkRobot02, WalkMachine01, WalkMachine02, WalkMachine03, WalkMachine04, MetalFootSimple01, MetalFootSimple02, SlabStepOld01, SlabStepOld02, SlabStepOld03, GridStep01, GridStep02, GridStep03, GridStep04, GridStep05, GridStep06, HardStep01, HardStep02, HardStep03, HardStep04, HardStep05, HardStep06, HardStep07, HardStep08, HardStep09, HardStep10, HardStep11, HardStep12, UpperRoom01, UpperRoom02, UpperRoom03, UpperRoom04, UpperRoom05, UpperRoom06, UpperRoom07, UpperRoom08, ShoeStep01, ShoeStep02, ShoeStep03, ShoeStep04, ShoeStep05, ShoeStep06, ShoeStep07, ShoeStep08, ShoeStep09, ShoeStep10, ShoeStep11, ShoeStep12, CaveStep01, CaveStep02, CaveStep03, CaveStep04, CaveStep05, CaveStep06, ColdStep01, ColdStep02, ColdStep03, ColdStep04, ColdStep05, ColdStep06, ColdStep07, ColdStep08, ColdStep09, ColdStep10, ColdStep11, ColdStep12, WalkCorridorLoop, ChamberStep01, ChamberStep02, ChamberStep03, ChamberStep04, ChamberStep05, ChamberStep06, WoodStep01, WoodStep02, WoodStep03, WoodStep04, WoodStep05, WoodStep06, WoodStep07, WoodStep08, WoodStep09, WoodStep10, WoodStep11, WoodStep12, SnowStep01, SnowStep02, SnowStep03, SnowStep04, SnowStep05, SnowStep06, SnowStep07, SnowStep08, SnowFumble, Gravelstep01, Gravelstep02, Gravelstep03, Gravelstep04, Gravelstep05, Gravelstep06, LightStep01, LightStep02, LightStep03, LightStep04, LightStep05, LightStep06, DragStep01, DragStep02, DragStep03, DragStep04, DragStep05, DragonStep01, DragonStep02, ZillaStep01, ZillaStep02, ZillaStep03, ZillaStep04, StepArcade01, StepArcade02, StepArcade03, TipToe01, TipToe02, TipToe03, TipToe04, StepBeepHi, StepBeepLo, StepArtificialClick.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S054 Footsteps
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