S052 Monsters

Monsters is an extensive collection of monster sound effects including lots of zombie sounds, dinosaur and Godzilla-style sounds, vampires, elementals, sea monsters, snakes, giant slugs, and a variety of other mythical creatures. Typically move sounds, footsteps or slides, are included plus death sounds, hit sounds, roars or cries and attacks. Many of the sounds can be easily adapted; a dinosaur sound can be a dragon roar, or a phoenix, or a harpy. Stereo is used extensively for great effect if desired, although all sounds are included in mono too. For even more utility all sounds are also supplied dry in both mono and stereo.

105 Sound Effects
ZombieRoarSavage, ZombieRoar, ZombieRoarSmall, ZombieRoarThin, ZombieAttack, ZombieAttackLight, ZombieEat, ZombieBite, ZombieCrunch, ZombieDeadCroak, ZombieDeadLight, ZombieDeadThin, ZombieSpit, ZombieStep, ZombieDragLegQuick, ZombieDragLeg, ManPainAye, ManPainUrya, ManPainEee, ManDeadUgh, VampireAttack, VampireHypnogaze, VampireHiss, VampireDead, VampireDeadHissy, LichDead, SnakeAttack, SnakeDeath, SnakeWalk, GiantSlugWalk1, GiantSlugWalk2, GiantSlugDeath, GiantSlugSpit, JellyWalk, JellyAttack, JellyDeath, FleshCut, FleshStabbed, FleshHit1, FleshHit2, FleshHit3, FleshHit4, FleshSplat, FleshCrunch1, FleshCrunch2, FleshCrunch3, FleshCrunch4, RaptorRoar, TriceratopsRoar, SabretoothRoar, RawGruntRawr, RawGruntHom, RawGruntRare, RawGruntChler, RawGruntRaew, RawGruntAcka, RawGruntAm, RawGruntAwm, RawGrunArom, WookieSheep, GasCloudWalkLR, GasCloudWalkRL, GasCloudAttack, GasCloudPain, GasCloudEnvelop, GiantEagleScreech, DragonRoar, DragonGrowl, GiantMonsterFootstepL, GiantMonsterFootstepR, PhoenixScreech, GriffinAttack, AngelGaze, AngelTeleport, AngelMove1, AngelMove2, AngeHit, MonsterBiteCrunch, MonsterBiteTwo, MonsterBiteLong, EatBuildingLight, EatBuildingGlass, EatBuildingWindow, EatBuildingDebris, CrunchRock, CrunchPlain1, CrunchPlain2, CrunchCrispy, CrunchCrispyShort, InsectFootstep, FireElementalMove, FireElementalAttack, GiganRoarBig, GiganRoarLower, GiganRoarYetLow, BeastRoarWide, BeastRoarLow, CavebeastRoar, CavebeastGroan, CavebeastMumble, CavebeastMove, SeamonsterRoar, SeamonsterMove, SeamonsterGrowl, SeaMove.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S052 Monsters
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