S050 Arcade Shooter

Arcade Shooter contains everything you need for an arcade game; a large selection of sci-fi weapons sounds, lasers, looping beams, plus explosions of different sorts and sizes for variety in a busy action environment, upgrade noises for pick-ups, alerts and sirens, plus bigger sounds for the start and ends of levels and things like gaining a losing a life. There are stabs, electric noises for doors or turrets, special weapon sounds like missile launches, and lots of notification sounds for menus or other actions.

110 Sound Effects
Stargun1, Stargun2, SineGun, DotGun, ResoLaserLo, ResoLaserHi, ArcadeEnemyShot, SuperLaser, SuperShort, SynthCannon, Zap, ZapToo, ZapHard, InvaderGun, SmartPrime, WubbleGun, WubbleWun, BeamLaserRoughLoop, BeamPhaserLoop, BeamSmoothLoop, BeamSawLoop, BeamBoreLoop, BeamTriLoop, BELaser, Machinegun, AutoGun, Artillery, TractorBeamLoop, PickupBells, PickupVibes, PickupBing, Computer1, Computer2, GameOverDry, GameOverRobot, GameOverMetal, HitNotKilled, HitShield, GainBonus, GainLife, Activate, SparkShields, LevelOnDefender, LevelOnDown, LostSirenFall, AlertSiren, AlertFall, SimpleGun, Turret, ExploSimple, ExploFlat, ExploLight, ExploSml, ExploRetroDeep, ExploRetro1, ExploRetro2, ExploRetro3, ExploRetro4, ExplosionChorus, Zip, ZipZip, Missile, Homing, RocketsLo, RocketsHi, IonGunLo, IonGunHi, ThrustLoop, Thrust, OneThrustPulse, MineActive, StartSlam, HelicopterLoop, DeepEngineLoop, WellDone, PulseShot, SmartBomb, ClassicLaser, ClassicZap, PobbleGun, AppearMid, EnterArena, PickupHappy4, PickupHappy7, PickupCoin, RotateTurret, SineDoor, PickupElorch, PickupMello, ScissorsSnip, PickupHarpGliss, FitUpgrade, StabAahMajor, StabAahMinor, ShatterBomb1, ShatterBomb2, PickupWeapon, BellDing, Dramatic, HitTankWalls, SpinningMirror, BonusFall, BonusRise, AlienSpeechSynth, UpgradeSimple, UpgradeMotorless, Fuse, ClockworkTimebomb, MenuClickBeep, SwitchClick.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S050 Arcade Shooter
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