S005 Fantasy Reality

There are lots of recorded sounds on this disc including some sword clashes, chess sounds, picking up and dropping items. There are a few unusual sounds (flourescent tube, gas burner) and some nice wood or leather sounding sqeaks and creaks. The original mono recordings are dry, with reverb or other spatial effects added to the stereo files. Loops are included where appropriate in 'SMPL' chunks.

166 Sound Effects
AirWhipDark, AirWhipDeep, AirWhipDown, AirWhipLong, AirWhipShort, ArrowTwangBass, ArrowTwangLong, ArrowTwangWood, ArtificialWhip, BirdsDawnShort, Blackpowder, BlackpowderDistant, BlackpowderTap, BladeImpact01, BladeImpact02, BladeImpact03, BladeImpact04, BladeImpact05, Blood, BowStringLoud, BoxAMinor, BoxCMajor, BoxComplete, BoxFall, BoxGMajor, BoxPartial, BoxPlain, Bubbles, BunchKeysGrab, BunchKeysMove, CatPurr, ChairScrape, ChessmenBishop, ChessmenBox, ChessmenFumble, ChessmenKing, ChessmenKnight, ChessmenPawn, ChessmenRook, ChessmenSlideKnight, ChessmenSlideQueen, ChessmenTake, ChessmenUpHeavy, ChessmenUpLight, CreakLeather, CreakMetal, Creaks, CreakWood01, CreakWood02, CreakWood03, CreakWood04, CrystalGlassA, CrystalGlassAb, CrystalGlassB, CrystalGlassBb, CrystalGlassC, Drip01, Drip02, Drip03, DropCoin, DropHeavy, DropKey, DropMetal, DropRusty, DynamiteFuse, EarthquakeDeep, EarthquakeTotal, EatAppleCrisp, EatAppleCrunch, EatAppleFast, EatAppleSlow, Enemy, Fill, Fireball, FlourescentLightOff, FlourescentLightOn, Frazzle, GasBurner, GasHi, GasLo, GulpOfWater, HarpChordDown, HarpChordUp, HarpFanfareC, HarpFanfareF, HitBody, HitHard, HitPunch, HitSub, HitWhopHi, HitWhopLo, Incidental, Iron, KnifeClash, KnifePlate, Knock, KnockKnock, Laserwhip, Launch, MagicMarblesC, MagicMarblesD, MagicMarblesE, MagicMarblesF, MagicMarblesG, MatchBox, MatchStrike, MatchStrikeFail, MatchStrikeSafety, Mining, Ouch, Pain, PickUpBunch, PickUpCrusty, PickUpHeavy, PickUpKey, PickUpMetal, PickUpRusty, PickUpWooden, Pizzicato01, Pizzicato02, Pizzicato03, Pizzicato04, PutDownWooden, Rain1, Rain2, Refrigerator, Scissor, ServiceBell, SharpenLong, SharpenRuler, SharpenStone, SimBlowtorch, SimGas, SineTones, Sliced, SlideStoneLong, SlideStonePush, SlideStoneShort, SlideWood, SlideWoodLong, Snaketooth, SqueakyBoard, SqueakyLong, SteelGlass1, SteelGlass2, SwordDeep, SwordFence, SwordTap, SwordTin, SwordTray, ThunderDeep, Thunderous, ThunderShallow, Toobad, TurnPageBrisk, TurnPageClosed, TurnPageGentle, TurnPageSheets, TurnPageViolent, Tweet, Waterlaser, Welldone, Windchimes, WirePrang, WoodenPanelClose, WoodenPanelOpen.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.