S049 Adventure

Adventure is packed with pick-up and use object effects. Sounds for grabbing, dropping and sliding objects are included, and there are lots of effects for adventure style games including reading, drinking, casting spells. Generic bonus, chimes and sparkly pickup effects round off the set.

108 Sound Effects
GetObj, GetClay, GetToy1, GetToy2, GetWood1, GetWood2, GetKey, DropObj, DropClay, DropToy, DropWood, DropMetal, DropBlade, DropKey, SlideObj, SlideClay, SlideSoft, SlideSoftLong, SlideRock, PushMonolith, PushRock, PushBoulder, TwigBreak, DrinkGlug, DrinkFountain, ThrowShallow, ThrowDeep, BookOpen, BookPage, BookPageSlide, Kick, AbilityUp, AbilityDown, AbilityDagger, AbilitySword, AbilityAnvil, AbilityArrow, AbilityGeneric, AbilityHiss, AbilityLiquid, AbilityNoSpark, ChimesPos, ChimesNeg, ChimesNo, ChimesYes, ChimesQuit, ChimesOk, ChimesCancel, ChimesBell1, ChimesBell2, ChimesBell3, PotionChime, PotionBoost, PotionScary, PotionDown, PotionPoison, PotionWither, PotionGeneric, PotionAct, PotionDeAct, PotionGlitter, ScrollPos, ScrollNeg, ScrollOpen, ScrollClose, ScrollThunder, ScrollSparkle, ScrollWeapon, ScrollArmour, ScrollGlow1, ScrollGlow2, ScrollGlow3, ScrollOrch, SpellPlain, SpellSparkle, SpellAttack, SpellThunder, SpellHarp, SpellHeal, SpellSine, SpellBoost, SpellFall, SpellRockfall, SpellPoof, SpellOrch, CalmTube, CalmBreath, CalmSine, PickupSlamLo, PickupSlamHi, PickupMarimba, PickupBeeps, PickupGhostly, PickupSmash, PickupMetallic, PickupArrow, BonusVibes, BonusMarimba, BonusBell, BonusHarp, BonusOn, BonusOff, BonusPulse1, BonusPulse2, BonusSmooth, BonusCancel, AnvilSmith1, AnvilSmith2.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S049 Adventure
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