S048 Bladed Weapons

This pack contains bladed weapon effects, punches, and some dungeon style trap sounds. Each weapon contains different variations to avoid repetition. There are bow and arrow sounds, and sounds for sheath/unsheath weapons. Metallic clash and crash noises are included too, as well as whop and whip sounds to make it easy to create new weapon effects if needed. This set updates and supersedes the Melee Weapons set, so some of those sounds are duplicated here for your convenience. Bladed Weapons contains all effects in wet and dry (without reverb), and includes some new effects too, notably stab and slice sounds.

115 Sound Effects
DaggerThrow, DaggerHit, ShurikenThrow, ShurikenHit, Dagger1, Dagger2, Dagger3, Dagger4, Sword1, Sword2, Sword3, Sword4, Eppe1, Eppe2, Eppe3, Eppe4, Eppe5, Broadsword1, Broadsword2, Broadsword3, Broadsword4, TwoHand1, TwoHand2, TwoHand3, TwoHand4, Mace1, Mace2, Mace3, Mace4, Warhammer1, Warhammer2, Warhammer3, Warhammer4, Whip, Longbow, Shortbow, Crossbow, Handbow, ArrowBoing, BearTrap, DartTrap, SpearTrap, GuillotineTrap, SpikeTrap, RockTrap, IronTrap, TrapdoorTrap, GasTrap, WhopClassic, WhopLong, WhopLight1, WhopLight2, WhopLight3, PunchClassic, PunchPower, PunchKnight, PunchThud1, PunchThud2, PullCrossbow, PullBow, PullCatapult, ReleaseBow, ClashEppe1, ClashEppe2, ClashEppe3, ClashEppe4, ClashEppe5, ClashTing1, ClashTing2, ClashTing3, ClashTing4, ClashDagger1, ClashDagger2, ClashDagger3, ClashDagger4, ClashSword1, ClashSword2, ClashSword3, ClashSword4, HitClang1, HitClang2, HitClang3, HitClang4, ClashBroad1, ClashBroad2, ClashBroad3, ClashBroad4, ClashBroad5, ClashBroad6, HitHard1, HitHard2, HitHard3, HitBasic, HitArmour, HitPain, HitSpike, UnsheathEppe, UnsheathSword, UnsheathDagger, UnsheathBroadsword, SheathEppe, SheathSword, SheathBroadsword, SheathDagger, Swipe1, Swipe2, StabSoft, StabSoftBladeless, StabCrunch, StabEntrails, SliceThud, Slice1, Slice2, Slice3, Slice4.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S048 Bladed Weapons
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