S046 Weapons Construction Kit

Weapons Construction Kit contains a mix of weapon sounds that can be used as supplied or easily combined to make new effects. The pack includes clicks and trigger noises, motors, deep sci-fi artillery sounds, as well as lasers and space weaponry effects. The pack makes the most of separate wet, dry, stereo and mono sounds. Each is processed optimally; the mono sounds for example have no panning or chorusing, they aren't simply a merged version of the stereo sounds. All loops are seamless. This pack includes all sounds in mono and stereo, and also dry mono and stereo (without reverb or delay).

107 Sound Effects
BeamHiss, BeamMachine, BeamHarsh, BeamDrill, BeamRedRay, BeamSizzler, BeamGreen, BeamElectric, BeamSteely, BeamFlies, BeamOilDrill, BeamTeleport, RearmHash, RearmGlass, RearmRobot, RearmClick, RearmExhale, RearmNine, RearmBeep, RearmMotor, RearmSlobeep, TriggerSoft, TriggerDust, TriggerMetallic, TriggerPlastic, TriggerMetalToo, TriggerBoo, BlastTonal, BlastBoom, BlastHiss, BlastLasery, BlastLaserz, LightswordOut, LightswordIn, IonBasic, IonBron, IonCopper, IonRev, IonGold, IonComb, IonGirly, IonSore, IonHollow, BangLong, BangMetal, BangSnub, BangBlue, BangCrunch, BangSten, BangZinc, BangZinctube, BangZap, BangZapLong, CannonHard, CannonSoft, CannonKnock, CannonSmack, ShellTinkle, ShellGlassy, ShellSmall, LaserDist, LaserGrungy, LaserGargle, LaserChromium, LaserZap, LaserHoned, LaserPervy, Laser80s, LaserPlain, LaserGated, LaserUngated, LaserHoly, BeepUpDown, BeepSimple, BeepArp, ArtilleryThunder, ArtillerySpace, ArtilleryDouble, ArtillerySweep, ArtilleryPiece, LaunchDistorted, LaunchWhapR, LaunchWhapL, LaunchSlow, LaunchHissy, LaunchQuiet, MotorClimb, MotorFall, MotorSlide, MotorFire, MotorEnd, MotorStaccato, MotorFlick, MotorReload, MotorMouse, MotorFlaps, MotorGrowl, MotorMechanism, ClickQuick, ClickLockbolt1, ClickLockbolt2, ClickLockbolt3, ClickSeal, ClickPB1, ClickFast, ClickUp, ClickDn.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S046 Weapons Construction Kit
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