S045 Explosions And Impacts

Essential for any action game, this is a new set of explosion sounds and impacts. There's a large variety of explosion blast noises of different lengths and intensities. Breaking ice, wood, lots of explosions, bangs, poofs and knocks. There are impacts into wood and metal, punch sounds, and some generic recordings for making or enhancing your own blasts. This pack includes all sounds in mono and stereo, and also dry mono and stereo (without reverb or delay).

115 Sound Effects
PingPongBallA, PingPongBallB, PingPongFrom, PingPongTo, PunchClassic, PunchClassicShort, PunchPower1, PunchPower2, PainHiss, PainSound, PainRobot1, PainRobot2, PainRobot3, IceCubeExploding1, IceCubeExploding2, IceCubeExploding3, DynamiteHiss, Dynamite1, Dynamite2, DynamitePop, DepthCharge, AtomicLong1, AtomicLong2, AtomicFar, AtomicHorizon, AtomicShort, BlastLong, BlastHissy, BlastSoft, BlastLongLight, BlastShort1, BlastShort2, ExploSimple, ExploMetallic, ExploLawGC, ExploFuel, ExploMetalbits, ExploRiffle, ExploMix, ExploMixLong, ExploTaskforce1, ExploTaskforce2, ExploHiss, ExploNoHiss, ExploNoNoHiss, ExploCrudeSynth, ExploChorusDn, ExploChorusUp, ExploBreakage1, ExploBreakage2, ExploBig, PoofSparkle, FireworkLaunch, FireworkPlainDry, FireworkStaccato, FireworkBasic, FireworkEchoed, FireworkDistant, FireworkHorizon, GlassBrickExploding1, GlassBrickExploding2, GlassBrickPlain, CyborgExplo1, CyborgExplo2, CyborgExploLt1, CyborgExploLt2, GlassCrateEx1, GlassCrateEx2, BangCutting, BangBigRoom, BangDryMono, Incendiary, GeneralCrackle, AcidGrenade, WoodenCrateEx, HitWoodCrate1, HitWoodCrate2, HitMothership, HitDoor1, HitDoor2, HitSpike, HitDryCrisp, HitDryLight, HitDryCrunchy, HitClothing1, HitClothing2, ThudBump, ThudGravelly, ThudSoil, ThudSmall, ThudShort, HitTallshipShort, HitTallshipLong, HitTallshipLight, HitSlimeBasic, HitSlimeDeep, HitSlimeKilled, HitMetalBasic, HitMetalRing, HitMetalBash, HitMetalBasher, HitMetalBarge, HitMetalDull1, HitMetalDull2, HitMetalSharp, HitMetalTink, HitMetalClunk, HitMetalClunky, HitMetalClunkier, HitMetalHigh, HitMetalTiny, HitMetalDink, UnderwaterEx1, UnderwaterEx2, UnderwaterEx3.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S045 Explosions And Impacts
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