S044 Apps And Minigames

The perfect pack for a web game developer, Apps And Minigames contains of all-new sounds includes a variety of short snappy effects for portable games. The set includes lots of notification, pickups, and general win/lose, menu and confirmation sounds. Sounds for objects, attacks, and hits, are there too, and some excellent short audio loops of effects and music for setting a scene.

139 Sound Effects
WonHappy, WonTinkerbell, WonHarp, GameOverWobble, GameOverSad, GameOverThunder, GoodStab, BadStab, GoodSmile, BadSmile, GoodBrass, BadBrass, GoodGreeting1, GoodGreeting2, BadGreeting, GoodUp, BadUp, PickupBeep, PickupBeepTwo, PickupWood, PickupGood, PickupGoodCym, PickupGoodLess, PickupJapan, PickupTriple, PickupDouble, PickupSingle, PickupBreathe, PickupBreatheSlo, ApplauseBong, ApplauseLight, ApplauseClaps, ApplauseCrash, ApplauseGenShort, SlamStabbit, SlamHophip, SlamBrassy, SlamThunder, LoopMist, LoopBadMist, LoopCrystalGd, LoopCrystalBd, LoopXmasDream, LoopXmasNightmare, LoopBach1, LoopBach2, LoopBachMad, LoopHappyland1, LoopHappyland2, LoopHappyland3, LoopWonderUp, LoopWonderDn, LoopInSpace, LoopClarinet80s, LoopClarinet81s, LoopClarinet82s, LoopJapanMystery, LoopAsian, LoopCountry, LoopCity, LoopMystical, LoopAlien, LoopUnderwater, LoopInfernal, LoopTreewind, ClickPress, ClickCrunch, ClickTip, ClickTitanium, DblclickTitanium, ScrollOwl, ScrollSteel, ScrollAlu, ScrollSDUp, ScrollSDDown, BubbleBlow, NotifySquirt, NotifyScotsman1, NotifyScotsman2, NotifyPlonk, NotifyWood, NotifyGlass, NotifyOkeyDoke, NotifyNokey, NotifyTones, Notify80s, NotifyFunTuba, NotifyHarp, NotifyOrient, NotifyBell, AlertSiren, AlertHit, AlertHarp, AlertSmash, AlertWow, AlertBoing, AlertOrient1, AlertOrient2, AlertBuzz, AlertWong, AlertMuted, AlertCymbal, TypeWriter, TypeSpace, TypeBeep, TypeScratchy, TypeBrass, TypeBamboo, TypePlastic, MenuSoftMove, MenuSoftOk, MenuSoftCancel, MenuArmyMove, MenuArmyOk, MenuArmyCancel, MenuCuteyMove, MenuCuteyOk, MenuCuteyCancel, AttackWhop, AttackCreature, AttackRocket, AttackProton, AttackFlintlock, AttackMGun, CreakThing, SlideThing, TurnThing, PushThing, PieceJoined, PieceJoinedFast, PieceTried, EatCrispy, EatCrunchy, DeadSquish, DeadSlime, HitPain, SpellCast, ExplosionSimple, BunnyBite.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S044 Apps And Minigames
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