S043 Clocks Alarms Switches

Clocks Alarms Switches begins with clock ticks, tick time loops (ideal for countdowns) and alarm sounds, from real bells and classic alarm clock noises to digital alarms and fire bells. The set also includes klaxons, sirens and alerts; useful as cockpit alarms or game alerts, warnings or bonus indicators or just burglar alarms or tripwires. The set is rounded off with some excellent switches and new lockbolt sounds, hard clunks that are ideal for weapon reloads.

105 Sound Effects
TickBedroom1, TickBedroom2, TickClassroom1, TickClassroom2, TickClassroom3, TickClassroom4, TickClassroom5, TickKitchen1, TickKitchen2, TickLight1, TickLight2, TickRusty1, TickRusty2, TickRusty3, TickRusty4, TickTiny1, TickTiny2, TickMantel1, TickMantel2, TickGrandfather1, TickGrandfather2, LampSwitch, CameraZ1On, CameraZ1Off, LockboltPush, LockboltClip, LockboltSmart, LockboltFirm, LockboltReload, LockboltLight, LockboltHeavy, LockboltSlow, LockboltMedium, LockboltFast, LockboltCrunch, LockboltOpen, LockboltClose, ClockOn, ClockOff, BoxOpen, BoxClose, CoffeePercolatorFuzzle, HolePunch, PlugIn, PlugOut, PlugSwitch, DVDOpen, DVDClose, SonyCDClose, SonyCDOpen, SonyCDOn, SonyCDOff, SonyTapeFF, SonyTapeEject, SonyTapeClose, SonyTapeInsert, SonyTapeOff, SonyTapeOn, SonyTapeOpen, SonyTapePlay, SonyTapeRemove, SonyTapeRewind, SonyTapeStop, Stapler, CreaksPlastic, ZipUp, ZipDown, TickloopWatch, TickloopWaiting, TickloopDadada, TickloopTimebomb, TickloopCutey, TickloopGameshow, HeartbeatHouse, HeartbeatSoft, AlarmDigital4, AlarmRinger, AlarmThree, AlarmCopperclock, AlarmTiny, AlarmToy, AlarmFireBrigade, AlarmLevelCrossing, AlarmBuzzer, SirenCity, SirenTwoTone, SirenDoubleUp, SirenBurgular, SirenSloFast, SirenOldPhone, SirenMoonbase, SirenOxygen, SirenTrill, SirenPeaceful, SirenWatery, SirenCalm, ClaxonCrude, ClaxonDouble, ClaxonGiant, ClaxonHugeAbstract, ClaxonHello, ClaxonRubber, Thunderclap, Telephone, Morning.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S043 Clocks Alarms Switches
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