S042 Cute Creatures

Cute Creatures is a set of cute, pseudo-verbal sounds that might be made by small furry animals, baby robots, birds or other little creatures. The sounds don't include coherent words and are made vocally or by using different whistles, squeakers or synthesis and are divided into sections by type, giving a small vocabulary to each voice.

126 Sound Effects
HonkTwo, HonkWhat, HonkWhy, HonkNo, HonkYes, HonkOuch, HonkOkay, HonkHungry, HonkSmile, HonkWhatever, HonkYakYak, HonkPain, BabyGiggleYak, BabyGiggleHer, BabyGiggleHey, BabyGiggleHoo, BabyGiggleAhAh, GirlGiggleSnigger, BoyGiggleRipple, BoyGiggleStutter, BoyGiggleThree, DuckyHello, DuckyChat, DuckyHiya, DuckyPain, DuckyOuch, DuckyCluck, DuckyGiveItHere, DuckyCluk, DuckyClukCluk, DuckyOh, DuckyOops, DuckyHappy, DuckyYes, DuckyNo, DuckyOkeyDokey, DuckyQuak, DuckyHit, DuckyYesSir, DuckySad, ImpProrpor, ImpDadoper, ImpPror, ImpBadidep, ImpPuree, ImpTorty, ImpPropo, ImpUpOTea, ImpEatTaho, ImpInTypo, ImpPourACup, ImpOiTie, ImpRapoey, ImpTayToy, ImpWeBoi, ImpPron, MouseShort, MouseBleat, MouseBeg, SqueakHissy, SqueakYes, SqueakNo, SqueakOuch, SqueakPain, SqueakPanic, SqueakScream, GigWarHor, GigHoar, GigHeehee, GigPrinha, GigDaccord, GigProko, GigPree, GigAw, GigSad, GigMoan, CuteMenuOk, CuteMenuCancel, CuteMenuIn, CuteMenuOut, CuteMenuNo, CuteMenuYes, CuteMenuExit, RobHiya, RobLoco, RobWantSee, RobLeepee, RobLarpo, RobOrlo, RobHowpo, RobLopaca, RobYa, RobWiyam, RobHurto, RobOpalal, WarbHello, WarbYes, WarbNo, WarbTalk, WarbNice, WarbHungry, WarbLove, WarbFlutter, WarbThankyou, WarbAngry, WarbMore, MicroCom, MicroGiggle, MicroEer, MicroGigg, MicroRehe, MicroYuri, MicroEee, MicroEverything, MicroBoho, MicroBring, MicroAhu, SMHelo, SMHappy, SMGoodbye, SMWhat, SMNot, SMReally, SMSoSo, SMWhy, SMSad.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S042 Cute Creatures
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