S004 First Person Shooter

This set includes a wide mix of F.P.S. sounds. There are some gooey alien sounds, electric doors/lifts, bleeps, many impact noises and lots of bolt action/ammo clip style mechanical noises. Many of the sounds here can be used in combination to create your own unique effects. By combining a powder bang sound with a metal bolt action, or perhaps a motor noise or fizzle, you can create some great gun shot sounds.

165 Sound Effects
AlienSquidge01, AlienSquidge02, AlienSquidge03, AlienSquidge04, AlienSquidge05, AlienSquidge06, AlienSquidge07, AlienSquidge08, AlienSquidge09, AlienSquidge10, AlienSquidge11, AmbComputerRoom, AmbFactory, AmbWarehouse, Bleep01, Bleep02, Bleep03, Bleep04, Bleep05, Bleep06, Bleep07, Breath1, Breath2, Breath3, BreathingMale1, BreathingMale2, BulletWhistle1, BulletWhistle2, Clothing, ClothingRunning, Computers1, Computers2, DiallingTone, Display1, Display2, Display3, Door01, Door02, Door03, Door04, Door05, Door06, Door07, Door08, Door09, Door10, Door11, ECG, ECGDead, Frogman, FrogmanReverse, GunFizzle1, GunFizzle2, GunFizzle3, GunPop1, GunPop2, Helldogs, HelldogsLower, Hup1, Hup2, ImpactFloor01, ImpactFloor02, ImpactFloor03, ImpactFloor04, ImpactFloor05, ImpactFloor06, ImpactMagazine01, ImpactMagazine02, ImpactMagazine03, ImpactMetal01, ImpactMetal02, ImpactMetal03, ImpactMetal04, ImpactMetal05, ImpactMetal06, ImpactMetal07, ImpactMetal08, ImpactMetal09, ImpactMetal10, ImpactMetal11, ImpactMetal12, ImpactPaper01, ImpactPaper02, ImpactPaper03, ImpactPaper04, LockNLoad1, LockNLoad2, LockNLoad3, LockNLoad4, LockNLoad5, LockNLoad6, Mechanical1, Mechanical2, Mechanical3, Mechanical4, Mechanical5, Mechanical6, MetalBolt1, MetalBolt2, MetalBolt3, MetalBolt4, MetalBoltClose1, MetalBoltClose2, MetalBoltOpen1, MetalBoltOpen2, MinigunRoll1, MinigunRoll2, Modem, MotorE1, MotorE2, MotorE3, MotorE4, Pickup01, Pickup02, Pickup03, Pickup04, Pickup05, Pickup06, Pickup07, Pickup08, Pickup09, Pickup10, Pickup11, Pickup12, Pickup13, Pickup14, Pickup15, Pickup16, Pickup17, Pickup18, PlasticBolt1, PlasticBolt2, PlasticBolt3, PlasticBolt4, PlasticBox1, PlasticBox2, Powderbang1, Powderbang2, Powderbang3, Powderbang4, Powderbang5, Powderbang6, Powderbang7, Powderbang8, Powderbang9, PyeClose1, PyeClose2, PyeClose3, PyeOpen1, PyeOpen2, RadioHiss, SlimeFootsteps, SlimeInhale, Snakeman1, Snakeman2, SpacedoorSeal1, SpacedoorSeal2, StonesRubbing, SynthRicochet1, SynthRicochet2, SynthRicochet3, SynthRicochet4, SynthRicochet5, Tick1, Tick2, Tones1, Tones1Seq, Tones2, Tones2Seq.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S004 First Person Shooter
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