S036 Glass And Water

This set contains recordings of breaking glass as well as natural water sounds. Broken glass is an essential part of any realistic explosion or destruction sound, and very useful for weapons fire. The high quality water sound effects have been compiled over several months and include lots of real river flows, fountains, showers and waterfalls as well as lots of rainstorms; perfect for creating atmospheric ambient loops. This set of real recordings consist of monophonic samples only.

79 Sound Effects
BoilingCrispy, BoilingGentle, BoilingHeavy, BoilingLava, BreakBeaker, BreakCherry, BreakCoffee, BreakDeeper, BreakJar, BreakPane, BreakPicture, BreakWine, BrookBabbling, BrookBabblingShort, BrookRiver, BrookRiverShort, BrookTrees, BubbleDeep, BubbleGroan, BubbleLoud, BubblePop, BubblesFishtank, DebrisCrash, DebrisLump, DebrisSlide, DebrisTinkle, DripDeepish, DripLoud, DripSlap, DripWet, FountainPark, FragFour, FragRapid, FragShort, FragSteely, FragTonal, FragTriple, JungleSpring, LightbulbBreak, LightbulbBrigade, LightbulbClean, LightbulbCrisp, LightbulbLight, LightbulbTinkle, LightbulbTonal, LightbulbWobble, RainBrolly, RainClatter, RainGarden, RainGreenhouse, RainInCar, RainInside, RainKitchen, RainLeaves, RainSheltered, RainShort, RainTorrent, RainTrellisBird, RainTypical, RainWoodroof, ShardDouble, ShardFalling, ShardLight, ShardTinkle, ShowerLight, ShowerShort, Smash1L, Smash1R, Smash2L, Smash2R, SpringBounce, SpringClip, SpringFragment, SpringParts, TinyDance, TinyDanced, WaterfallCave, WaterFallJungle, WaterfallPool.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.