S035 Fanfares

This set contains longer musical fanrares and stings. Useful to augment pickups, the set includes "win" fanfares for positive events like completing a level or attaining a bonus, "lose" fanfares for negative events, and "level" start jingles. The most distinctive part of the set are the loops, lots of two second seamless audio loops, often short melodies, and useful for bonus screens, jackpot machine events, popups and dialogs, repairs, spell casts or anything else that needs a long sound effect. Some waiting clock loops and drumrolls round off this collection.

108 Sound Effects
WinOrch, WinSparkles, WinAlarm, WinHarp, WinTwinkle, WinHappy, WinSmile, WinKlaxon, WinClaps, WinChariots, WinSpiral, WinPlonk, WinVault, WinSmash, WinGrow, LoseWobble, LoseTinkle, LoseClaps, LoseChariots, LoseSpiral, LoseSad, LoseFlatout, LosePlonk, LoseThunder, LoseParticles, LoseFirebell, LoseSmileMaj, LoseSmileMin, LoseRapid, LoseDissonant, LoseFallaway, LoseHiss, ClockScaleC, ClockScaleA, ClockTicksLt, ClockTicksHv, ClockWatch, ClockBeep, ClockTone, ClockTune, ClockBonkbell, ClockElectro, LevelFlange, LevelC64, LevelGraveyard, LevelBuzz, LevelPlonk, LevelThunder, LevelBells, LevelLogo, LevelSpace, LevelSwoosh, LevelGliss, LevelMystery, LoopBuggy, LoopHappy, LoopClimb, LoopFall, LoopTune, LoopHeart, LoopSHeart, LoopHip, LoopOrcMin, LoopHornMin, LoopHornMaj, LoopNRGDn, LoopNRGUp, LoopGuitMin, LoopGuitMaj, LoopHarpofallA, LoopHarpofallC, LoopWait, Loop7th, LoopTrio, LoopMagic, LoopSmiley, LoopFireflies, LoopFirefast, LoopVoices, LoopVocFast, LoopPanic1, LoopPanic2, LoopPanicOva, LoopSpellA, LoopSpellC, LoopMystery, LoopOrganMin, LoopOrganMaj, LoopOrgon, LoopBonUp, LoopBonDn, LoopSparkatak, LoopFactory, LoopHealbeam, EndStabs, EndSmash, EndCoron, EndDrums, EndWibble, EndAlarmBell, EndTwoTone, EndHorns, EndTaDa, EndBeethoven, EndPingPing, EndRunup, DrumrollBigtop, DrumrollAudio.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S035 Fanfares
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