S034 Future Weapons

This set contains a mix of sci-fi weapons sounds, including some sustained beams and light sabre style effects. The set also includes more gritty and realistic cannon sounds, and effects for other futuristic weaponry. The smaller than usual set was created in an experimental capacity and was unavailable for many years. Some of these sounds may be duplicated in other sets.

32 Sound Effects
ArtilleryClose, ArtilleryFar, ArtilleryImmense, ArtillerySpace, CannonHard, CannonShell, CannonSoft, DrillerLoop, IonBronze, IonCopper, IonCups, IonGold, IonIron, LaserBlast, LaserChromium, LaserGreen, LaserRed, LaserZap, LightswordHissy, LightswordHum, LightswordIn, LightswordOut, RifleCrunch, RifleHigh, ShotgunBlue, ShotgunMetal, ShotgunRobo, ShotgunSnub, SupergunHum, SupergunOrch, TimeBombBeep, TimeBombOldFash.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S034 Future Weapons
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