S033 Animals

This set contains animal sounds. Obtaining high quality animal sounds is always difficult but care was taken to keep the quality high. Most of the sounds in this set are clean and unprocessed with minimal background noise. Some human grunts have been included, and a few loops such as the jungle sounds and birdsong which are useful for scenes involving animals.

34 Sound Effects
BirdsongDawn, CalfMoo, CatMeow1, CatMeow2, CatPurr, ChickenBucks, ChickenSqueal, CowMoo, Crickets, CrocodileRoar, CrowBleat, DogBark, DogBarks, DogsPackLoop, Fish, FrogsLoop, GoatBleat, HippoGrowl, JungleLoop, LionRoar1, LionRoar2, ManGrunt1, ManGrunt2, ManGrunt3, ManGrunt4, ManGrunt5, ManGrunt6, NightingaleClip, OwlBleat, PigstyLoop, RavenCaw, RedTailedHawk, SheepBleat, SongThrush.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.