S032 Motors

Electric motor sounds are useful for creating a huge variety of sound effects; robot limbs and movements, electric doors, vehicles, weapons, flaps opening and closing, controls, mines, engines and a host of other uses. Compiled over a long period, this set contains lots of real electric motor sounds in pulses and loops. All recordings are clean and the loops are seamless, perfect for inclusion in any scenario that calls for them. The classic motor sounds from the earlier sets S003, and S004 have been included here for convenience too.

83 Sound Effects
CleanMed, CleanPulse, CleanPulseSpark, CleanShort, CleanLoop, CleanLoopEnd, DirtyPulse1, DirtyPulse2, DirtyPulse3, DirtyShort, DirtyStutter, DirtyMed, HissyPulse1, HissyPulse2, HissyShort1, HissyShort2, HissyGrowl, HissyLoop, HissyLoopEnd, GoldPulse, GoldShort, GoldMed, GoldLoop, GoldLoopEnd, FanBlast, FanLoop, FanShort, FanMedium, SoftPulse, IntLong, IntShort, GrowlyLong, GrowlyMed, PowerdrillMed, PowerdrillShort, PowerdrillLoop, PowerdrillLoopEnd, DeepPulse1, DeepPulse2, DeepShort, DeepLoop, DeepLoopEnd, ServoPulse, ServoShort1, ServoShort2, ServoShort3, ServoMed, ServoMedlong, ServoLoop, ServoLoopEnd, GreenPulse1, GreenPulse2, GreenVPulse, GreenShort, GreenMed, GreenLong, GreenLoop, GreenLoopEnd, DryerPulse, DryerCalm, DryerLoClose, DryerLoEnd, DryerHi, DryerHiClose, DryerHiCloseEnd, DryerFlyby, GravelPulse, GravelMed, GravelDeepMed, GravelLoud, MotorA1, MotorA2, MotorB1, MotorB2, MotorB3, MotorC1, MotorC2, MotorD1, MotorD2, MotorE1, MotorE2, MotorE3, MotorE4.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.