S031 Mobile Tones

Mobile Tones contains mobile sound effects and mobile device sounds, including ring tones, notification noises for email and text messages, and clicks and beeps appropriate for key presses. Looping effects for scrollbars or waiting events are included too as well as telephone rings and DTMF dial tones. The sounds would work well as notification sounds in any program.

104 Sound Effects
Keytone1, Keytone2, Keytone3, Keytone4, Keytone5, Keytone6, Keytone7, Keytone8, Keytone9, KeytoneStar, Keytone0, KeytoneHash, KeyRM1, KeyRM2, KeySmooth, KeyShort, KeyDot, OkTri, OkBlu, OkMech, OkWood, OkBasic, OkVibes, OkBuzz, OkBoing, CancelTri, CancelBlu, CancelMech, CancelWood, CancelBasic, CancelVibes, CancelBuzz, CancelBoing, MailMarimba, MailCoins, MailGlass, MailXylo, MailMallet, MailStairs, MailSquare, MailSimple, MailFallen, MailArpeggio1, MailArpeggio2, MailWooden, MailPlonk, TextGlass, TextXylo1, TextXylo2, TextBabylon1, TextBabylon2, TextBeeps, TextSquare, TextQuad, TextAnvil, TextFourdot, TextTwodot, RingXylo1, RingXylo2, RingBleeps, RingArpeggio, RingMarimba, RingPulse, RingHit, RingFugue, RingRing, RingWibble, NotifySiren, NotifyBeep, NotifyVibes, NotifyBox, NotifyDing1, NotifyDing2, NotifyRhom, SwitchProng, SwitchSeat, SwitchRad, SwitchBeep1, SwitchBeep2, SwitchTap, SwitchPye, SwitchTri, SwitchHole, ScrollTone, ScrollRM1, ScrollRM2, ScrollRM3, ScrollSinus, ScrollWobble, ScrollSmooth, ScrollSteamy, ScrollClean, ScrollPhase, ScrollBuzz, ScanBuzz, ScanTrekky, ScanDigital, ScanAlert, ScanTri, PhoneRing1, PhoneRing2, PhoneRing3, PhoneRing4, PhoneDialtone.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S031 Mobile Tones
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