S030 Pickups 2

Bonus or notification sounds are perhaps the most common of all game sound effects. This set contains a huge selection of bleeps, trills, alerts and other notification sounds. Pickups 2 also includes fanfares, some magical spell effects, magical scroll effects and longer bonus sounds to create a well-rounded set which will be useful in almost every type of game.

108 Sound Effects
AbilityAnvil, AbilityArrow, AbilityDagger, AbilityDown, AbilityGeneric, AbilityHiss, AbilityLiquid, AbilityNoSpark, AbilitySword, AbilityUp, AnvilSmith1, AnvilSmith2, BonusBell, BonusCancel, BonusHarp, BonusMarimba, BonusOff, BonusOn, BonusPulse1, BonusPulse2, BonusSmooth, BonusVibes, BookOpen, BookPage, BookPageSlide, CalmBreath, CalmSine, CalmTube, ChimesBell1, ChimesBell2, ChimesBell3, ChimesCancel, ChimesNeg, ChimesNo, ChimesOk, ChimesPos, ChimesQuit, ChimesYes, DrinkFountain, DrinkGlug, DropBlade, DropClay, DropKey, DropMetal, DropObj, DropToy, DropWood, GetClay, GetKey, GetObj, GetToy1, GetToy2, GetWood1, GetWood2, Kick, PickupArrow, PickupBeeps, PickupGhostly, PickupMarimba, PickupMetallic, PickupSlamHi, PickupSlamLo, PickupSmash, PotionAct, PotionBoost, PotionChime, PotionDeAct, PotionDown, PotionGeneric, PotionGlitter, PotionPoison, PotionScary, PotionWither, PushBoulder, PushMonolith, PushRock, ScrollArmour, ScrollClose, ScrollGlow1, ScrollGlow2, ScrollGlow3, ScrollNeg, ScrollOpen, ScrollOrch, ScrollPos, ScrollSparkle, ScrollThunder, ScrollWeapon, SlideClay, SlideObj, SlideRock, SlideSoft, SlideSoftLong, SpellAttack, SpellBoost, SpellFall, SpellHarp, SpellHeal, SpellOrch, SpellPlain, SpellPoof, SpellRockfall, SpellSine, SpellSparkle, SpellThunder, ThrowDeep, ThrowShallow, TwigBreak.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S030 Pickups 2
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