S003 Robonik

A set of sounds was originally designed for old-school platform games. Robotnik contains electronic effects for pickups, jumps, some cards, dice, and arcade style weapon effects. Some robotic voice effects round off this retro-style set.

112 Sound Effects
ArrowTwang1, ArrowTwang2, ArrowTwang3, Bamboom, BellPickup1, BellPickup2, BellPickup3, BleepA1, BleepA2, BleepA3, BleepB1, BleepB2, BleepB3, Boingoo1, Boingoo2, Boingoo3, CardDeal1, CardDeal2, CardDeal3, CardDeal4, CardDeal5, CardRiffle, Cast4Dice, DiceInHand, DieInSoftCup, Dishonour, DoneDry, DoneWet, Doom1, Doom2, Doom3, DrEvil, DrEvilTwin, Entry, Falloff, Flaps, Footpad1, Footpad2, Footpad3, Footpad4, GameboyLeap1, GameboyLeap2, GameboyLeap3, GamegirlBlip1, GamegirlBlip2, GamegirlBlip3, GamegirlBlip4, GogoTheGhost, HitBox, Interdoom, LevelOff, LevelOn, MajorOpening, Mariomata1, Mariomata2, Metacannon1, Metacannon2, Metacannon3, Metacannon4, MinorOpening, Pacdot1, Pacdot2, Pacdot3, Pacdot4, Pacdot5, PlatformerHi, PlatformerLo, PlatformerMid, Powerpill1, Powerpill2, ReverbDoom1, ReverbDoom2, ReverbDoom3, RobotLimb1, RobotLimb2, RobotLimb3, RobotLimb4, RobotLimb5, RobotLimb6, SlipperyFish, SonicPunch1, SonicPunch2, Spacelaser1, Spacelaser2, Spacelaser3, SquarePickup1, SquarePickup2, SquarePickup3, Statik, TowerBell1, TowerBell2, Vobot-DamageSustained, Vobot-IAmSuperior, Vobot-PrepareForAnnihilation, Vobot-TargetAcquired, Vobot-esMaster, Vobot-YouCannotDefeatMe, Wariomata1, Wariomata2, Whaling, Whitelaser1, Whitelaser2, Whitelaser3, Whiteslap1, Whiteslap2, WindUpMusicBox1, WindUpMusicBox2, WoodenDie1, WoodenDie2, WoodenDie3, WoodenDie4, Woodengong.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.