S027 8-bit Arcade

One of the most retro and synthetic sets in the IndieSFX library, 8-bit Arcade contains a large quantity of classic arcade game sounds. Lots of white noise explosions are included with variations. Electronic weapons noises, and synthetic pickup and upgrade/downgrade sweeps would be most useful in a retro arcade shoot-em-up. Some Commodore C64 style percussion instruments round off this extensive set.

157 Sound Effects
Whittaker1, Whittaker2, Whittaker3, Whittaker4, Whittaker5, SeabangHit, SeabangWave, SeabangLo, SeabangMid, SeabangHi, WPhaseD, WPhaseU, Hitbit1, Hitbit2, Hitbit3, Hitbit4, Dist1, Dist2, Dist3, Dist4, Dist5, Atombomb1, Atombomb2, Atombomb3, Atombomb4, Deepdist1, Deepdist2, Deepdist3, BPF1, BPF2, BPF3, BPF4, Brickout1, Brickout2, Brickout3, Brickout4, WhiteVib1, WhiteVib2, WhiteVib3, WhiteVib4, WArtillery1, WArtillery2, WArtillery3, WArtillery4, WGun1, WGun2, WGun3, WGun4, FlipPlain1, FlipPlain2, FlipUp1, FlipUp2, FlipDown1, FlipDown2, BoulderHi, BoulderLo, Explo1, Explo2, Explo3, Explo4, GiantsFootstep1, GiantsFootstep2, GiantsFootstep3, GiantsFootstep4, Rollrock, C64BDrum1, C64BDrum2, C64HihatCl, C64HihatOp, C64Snare1, C64Snare2, C64Snare3, C64Snare4, C64Snare5, C64VL1Snare, C64Clave1, C64Clave2, C64Phase1, C64Phase2, FlangeGun1, FlangeGun2, FlangeGun3, FlangeGun4, ArpPhased1, ArpPhased2, ArpPhased3, ArpMenu1, ArpMenu2, ArpMenu3, ArpMenu4, ArpMenu5, ArpMenu6, ArpMenu7, ArpMenu8, ArpMenu9, Tinyclick1, Tinyclick2, Tinyclick3, PickmeUp1a, PickmeUp1b, PickmeUp2a, PickmeUp2b, PickmeUp3a, PickmeUp3b, Pong1, Pong2, GenBang1, GenBang2, GenBang3, GenBang4, GenBang5, GenBang6, GenBang7, GenBang8, GenBang9, GenLong1, GenLong2, GenLong3, GenLong4, GenLong5, GenLong6, GenLong7, GenLong8, GenLong9, InvaderSn, InvaderWh, InvaderTr, InvaderSw, InvaderS2, InvaderSaucer, InvaderDn, InvaderUp, ArpTri1, ArpTri2, ArpTri3, ArpTri4, ArpTri5, ArpTri6, ArpSin1, ArpSin2, ArpSin3, ArpSin4, LevelupSq, LeveldnSq, LevelupTone, LevelupWobble, LevelupTonic, LeveldnTonic, LevelupDots, LevelupStagger, LeveldnStagger, LevelupShock, LevelupLaser, LevelupPlasma, LevelupPhoton, LevelupTri, LevelupCrash.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S027 8-bit Arcade
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