S026 Pickups 1

Perhaps pickups are the most common sound effect in any game, but also most difficult to locate. This set contains a comprehensive selection of pick-up sounds, including a huge array of bleeps and bonus effects for player notifications and puzzle games, to more realistic reloads, weapon upgrade and pickup/drop sounds for military games.

117 Sound Effects
CoinGold, CoinOak, CoinBamboo, CoinCopper, CoinBrass, CoinZinc, CoinThree, CoinWood, Coin1, Coin2, JewelClear, JewelSteel, JewelIce, JewelGlass, JewelG1, JewelG2, JewelCrystal, JewelRed, JewelBlue, Inca, Maya, Aztec, Toltec, Boing, WoodLo, WoodHi, WireFire, Grasp, GulpLo, GulpHi, BreathLo, BreathMid, BreathHi, FiltPush, FiltPull, FiltXanadu, FiltXanatwo, FiltDoor, LiftHeavy, LiftPlate, LiftGrate, LiftMetal, LiftBeep, LiftCartoon, DropSmall, DropPlastic, DropDeepThud, DropPlate, DropSolid, DropHard, CatchOpen, CatchClose, SpringOpen, SpringClose, BoltOpen, BoltClose, OpenBeep, OpenHiss, OpenTriad, OpenRough, OpenSlide, CloseThud, CloseRough, KnockHiss, KnockBottle, KnockCartoon, KnockPlain, KnockDeep, KnockWood, UnlockKey, UnlockBright, UnlockPlain, UnlockHiss, TipJewel, TipTinLo, TipTinHi, TipGoHi, TipGoLo, TipWarm, TipCool, TipBottle, SwitchBell, SwitchOn, SwitchBop, SwitchHiss, SwitchMotor, BonusBeep, BonusTriple, BonusXylo, BonusMarimba, BonusThunder, BonusLife, SlamCool, SlamCooltoo, SlamCooltree, SlamUp, SlamGood, ReloadClip, ReloadClick, ReloadFast, ReloadHiss, ReloadBeep, ReloadMotor, ReloadBolt, WeaponClip, WeaponHarp, WeaponBeep, WeaponSlide, WeaponOrch, WeaponClick, WeaponTicks, UpgradeDeep, UpgradeHarp, UpgradeHigh, UpgradeMotor, UpgradeBeeps, UpgradeTicks.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S026 Pickups 1
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