S025 Cards And Casino

This set of casino sounds contains playing card sound effects, die/dice being shaken and cast, and other gaming sound effects, such as fruit machine sounds. Chips and coins being tossed into the pot are included, as well as wooden board game counters being moved, and a number of slot-machine effects, but the playing card sounds shine brightest here and include cards being placed, removed, turned, shuffled (hand and table), dropped, riffled, and slid from a card shoe.

111 Sound Effects
CardDown1, CardDown2, CardDown3, CardDown4, CardDown5, CardPlaced, CardDrop1, CardDrop2, CardDrop3, CardDrop4, CardsCollate1, CardsCollate2, CardsCollate3, CardsDeckUp, CardsDeckDown, CardsHandShuffle1, CardsHandShuffle2, CardTableShuffle, CardShoe1, CardShoe2, CardShoe3, CardShoe4, CardSlideDown, CardSlideUp, CardsTap, CardsUndeck1, CardsUndeck2, CardsUndeck3, CardsUndeck4, CardsRiffle1, CardsRiffle2, CardFlip1, CardFlip2, CardFlip3, CardFlip4, CardFlip5, ChipCastOne, ChipCastTwo, ChipCastFour, ChipCastMany, ChipRaise1, ChipRaise2, ChipOnWood1, ChipOnWood2, ChipsStack, ChipsCollect, ChipsAllIn, DiceAShake1, DiceAShake2, DiceAShake3, DiceACast1, DiceACast2, DiceACast3, DiceARepot, DiceBShake1, DiceBShake2, DiceBRepot, DiceBDepot, DiceBHard1, DiceBHard2, DiceBHard3, DiceBHard4, DiceBSoft1, DiceBSoft2, DiceBSoft3, DiceBSoft4, DiceCRepot1, DiceCRepot2, DiceCShake1, DiceCShake2, DiceCCast1, DiceCCast2, DiceDCast1, DiceDCast2, DiceDCast3, DiceDCast4, GamePiece1, GamePiece2, GamePiece3, GamePieceRemove, GamePieceSlide, PinwheelNotch, PinwheelCash1, PinwheelCash2, PinwheelStop, SineBounce, FruitBonus1, FruitBonus2, FruitBonus3, FruitBonus4, FruitBonus5, FruitTop1, FruitTop2, FruitJack1, FruitJack2, FruitJack3, FruitNudge1, FruitNudge2, FruitGo1, FruitGo2, FruitRoll1, FruitRoll2, FruitRoll3, FruitStop1, FruitStop2, CoinOne, CoinRaise, CoinShower1, CoinShower2, RouletteBall, ErrorBuzz.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S025 Cards And Casino
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