S024 Sports

This set is themed around outdoor sports, notably football (soccer), tennis, and golf. Sounds for those sports include balls being hit, bouncing and impacts on different surfaces. There are also lots of excellent roaring crowd sounds, looping applause and stadia audiences, and one off celebration cheers. Footsteps for players on grass, puddles and running track are also included, as well as several referee whistles.

101 Sound Effects
ApplauseLoop, ApplauseLight, ApplauseMed, ApplauseHeavy, CrowdWarmup, CrowdFootball1, CrowdFootball2, CrowdOggy, CrowdRock, CrowdDistant, CrowdHuge1, CrowdHuge2, CrowdHum, CheerOoh, CheerAah, CheerNear, CheerGoal, CheerClaps, Klaxon, ClapsLight, ClapsMed, ClapsHeavy, BallKickSoft, BallKickMed, BallKickHard, BallKickVHard, BallHead, BallHitWall, BallHitFloor1, BallHitFloor2, BallHitFloor3, BallHitTurf1, BallHitTurf2, BallHitTurf3, BallHitTurf4, BallHitStand, BallHitPost, CatchSmallBall, SaveFootball, TennisSmash1, TennisSmash2, TennisSmash3, TennisSmash4, TennisSmash5, TennisHit1, TennisHit2, TennisHit3, TennisServe1, TennisServe2, TennisServe3, TennisFloor1, TennisFloor2, TennisFloor3, TennisFloor4, TennisHitNet1, TennisHitNet2, GolfHitGentle, GolfHitHard, GolfHitFloor, GolfHitRough, GolfHitWater, GolfHitTree, GolfHitPin, GolfHitRim, GolfHitBunker, SwingPower1, SwingPower2, SwingPower3, SwingPower4, SwingPower5, SwingGrass, SwingBunker, GolfHoled1, GolfHoled2, GolfWindLoop, GolfRainLoop, GolfSunLoop, StartingPistol, GUIOkay, GUICancel, GUIMisc, RaceCountdown, RaceGo, RunGravel1, RunGravel2, RunGravel3, RunGravel4, RunPuddle1, RunPuddle2, RunPuddle3, RunPuddle4, RunTrack1, RunTrack2, RunTrack3, RunTrack4, WhistleShort, WhistleLong, WhistleDouble, WhistleTriple, WhistleFoul, WhistleFullTime.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.