S023 Space Weapons

Space Weapons includes a wide variety of futuristic weaponry sounds. Ideal for any sci-fi shooter, first person or real time strategy game. Sounds for powerful one-shot heavy weapons are included, plus lots of varieties of laser, hand held guns, and several looping beam weapons. There are more electronic sounding weapon noises in the retro themed Space Shooter set.

101 Sound Effects
CannonPowder1, CannonPowder2, CannonMagic, CannonStormy, CannonThunder, CannonLockit, CannonWhip, CannonArtillesque, CannonShip, CannonPlate, CannonAckack, ArtillerySuperClose, ArtillerySuperFar, ArtilleryHiss, ArtilleryPlain, ArtilleryStarship, ArtilleryTonal, ArtillerySlap, ArtilleryTwotone, ArtilleryDeep, ArtilleryMountain, DragonPlain, LaserInstant, LaserHone, LaserHigh, LaserWhack, LaserShortHard, LaserShortSoft, LaserMotor, LaserUp, LaserHollow, LaserRingy, LaserBubble, LaserHot, LaserCold, LaserRipple, LaserFlash, LaserGordon, GunSteamy, GunStarship, GunClicker, GunWhipper, GunShallow, GunUp, GunDown, GunStab, GunStone, GunPlain, GunStreak, GunBag, GunSlap, GunPow, PlasmaHollow, PlasmaIon, PlasmaMotor, RailSquat, RailQuat, RailSine, RailSineQuiet, BeamDist, BeamPure, BeamSaw, BeamDriller, BeamC64, BeamThin, BeamKnife, BeamFridge, BeamCutter, ZapTuned, ZapBreath, ZapBoltShort, ZapBoltLong, ZapBuzzy, ZapBuzzyLong, ZapZing, ZapTypist, ZapShark, SineAM, SinePM, SineFM, SineLonger, Sine80, SineUp, ShatterChime, ShatterTitanium, ShatterCone, ShatterSteel, ShatterAll, MissileShot, MissileDark, MissileBolt, IonBuzz, IonUp, IonSteady, IonFlight, IonCutter, ArrowRaw, ArrowDeep, ArrowLong, ArrowWide, ArrowShort.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S023 Space Weapons
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