S022 Clicks

A set from the 'pure grey' range or raw recordings, Clicks contains mono, dry recordings of mechanical clicks and machine sounds. You'll find clock ticks here, light switches, and switches and controls from various machines from tape-decks to toasters. These are useful for realistic settings, and come into their own when layering to create new effects.

102 Sound Effects
AngleLampOff, AngleLampOn, BagSlideDeep, BagSlideDown, BagSlideUp, Blitzer, BlitzerDeep, BlueLamp, BottleClose, BottleOpen, BreakerIn1, BreakerIn2, BreakerIn3, BreakerOut, CameraOff, CameraOn, CanonCloseFlap, CanonExtend, CanonFlapDown, CanonFlapUp, CanonOpenFlap, CanonSlideIn, CanonSlideOut, CanonTrayIn, CanonTrayOut, ClockOff, ClockOn, ClockTickA, ClockTickB, ClockTickC, CoffeePercDrips, CoffeePercFuzzle, CoffeePercOn, ConnectIn, ConnectOut, GasFireControl, GasFireDown, GasFireIgnite, GasFireReset, GasFireUp, HolePunch, MinidiscEject, MinidiscIn, MinidiscOff, MinidiscOn, MinidiscPulled, MinidiscSpin, MitsumiCDRClose, MitsumiCDROpen, MSLMBClick, MSWheelClick, N710BatteryClose1, N710BatteryClose2, N710BatteryOpen, N710Eject, N710Insert, PhoneDialtone, PhoneDown, PhoneUp, PlugIn, PlugOut, PlugSwitch, RadioOff, RadioOn, RealAmpOff, RealAmpOn, SamsungDVDClose, SamsungDVDOpen, SonyAmpOff, SonyAmpOn, SonyAmpRelay, SonyCDClose, SonyCDOff, SonyCDOn, SonyCDOpen, SonyTapeClose, SonyTapeEject, SonyTapeFF, SonyTapeInsert, SonyTapeOff, SonyTapeOn, SonyTapeOpen, SonyTapePlay, SonyTapeRemove, SonyTapeRewind, SonyTapeStop, Stapler, TapeBox1, TapeBox2, ToasterControl1, ToasterControl2, ToasterDown1, ToasterDown2, ToasterOff, ToasterOn, ToasterUp1, ToasterUp2, Velcro, WallLightOff, WallLightOn, ZipUnzip, ZipZip.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.