S002 Squad Level Mechanics

There are quite a few shot sounds here and some good footstep and hit noises. Many of these effects should be useful for anything involving soldiers set in built up or futuristic environments. Useful for first person shooter or squad level games.

117 Sound Effects
Ammopack1, Ammopack2, Armour1, Armour2, Artillery1, Artillery2, Artillery3, Artillery4, Banghead, Belomor, BizarreBubbles, Boneyfire, Breathing1, Breathing2, Breathing3, BurningBush, Chick, Click1, Click2, Click3, Darkness, Deathstar, Dongle1, Dongle2, FlashingLightsHigh, FlashingLightsLow, Footstep1, Footstep2, Footstep3, Footstep4, Footstep5, HiltMinigun, HiltPistol, HiltRifle, HitShields, Infernal, InfernalMachine, Jackpot, Keepknocking1, Keepknocking2, Keepknocking3, Keepknocking4, MagicStars, Mechanismus1, Mechanismus2, Mechanismus3, Mechanismus4, Mechanismus5, Metalstep1, Metalstep2, Metalstep3, PainGroan1, PainGroan2, PainGroan3, PainGroan4, PainGroan5, Panel1, Panel2, Panel3, Pipe1, Pipe2, Pipegrenade, Plantbomb1, Plantbomb2, Plantbomb3, PrimedHigh, PrimedLow, Raining, Rifling1, Rifling2, Rifling3, Rifling4, RobotHousefly, Rotary, Selection1, Selection2, Shooter1, Shooter2, Silly1, Silly2, Sinethrow1, Sinethrow2, SlidingDoor1, SlidingDoor2, SlidingDoor3, Smartbomb, Sniper, Snowstep1, Snowstep2, Snowstep3, Swapness1, Swapness2, Switch1, Switch2, Switch3, Switch4, Target, Teleport1, Teleport2, Teleport3, Teleport4, TeleportTinkles, Throw1, Throw2, Throw3, Throw4, Tinyzap1, Tinyzap2, TornPaper1, TornPaper2, TornPaper3, Undersea1, Undersea2, Vap, Wongfire, Xap, Ziren.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.