S019 Aircraft

This set is themed around aircraft and includes some sea craft effects too. There are lots of jet and propellor engine loops, helicopter loops, cockpit and heads updisplay noises, and nosies for aircraft activities such as bomb doors, and undercarriage. There are also aircraft weapon noises for things like missiles, cannon, flares and bombs. To round off the collection a few sea vessel sounds are included such as galleon cannon fire and liner engines.

101 Sound Effects
FuturePlaneExt, FuturePlaneInt, AircraftWind, Jet1Engine, Jet2EngineExt, Jet2EngineInt, Jet3Engine, Jet4Engine, Jet5Engine, RocketBooster, JetFlybyFast, JetThrustLong, JetThrustShort, JetThrustPulse, JetLoopTheLoop, JetSuperloop, WWIIBomber1Ext, WWIIBomber1Int, WWIIBomber2Ext, WWIIBomber2Int, PropFighterSquadron, PropFighterSingle, SyntheticFighter, GiantSpaceshipSiren, BulletThroughWindow1, BulletThroughWindow2, BulletThroughWindow3, BulletHitMetal1, BulletHitMetal2, BulletHitMetal3, Helicopter1, Helicopter2, Helicopter3SlowExt, Helicopter3SlowInt, Helicopter3MedExt, Helicopter3MedInt, Helicopter3FastExt, Helicopter3FastInt, PropClatter, PropSquare, PropHummerSlow, PropHummer, PropSmoothExt, PropSmoothInt, PropSmoothLow, PropSawDive, PropSaw, FlapsDown, FlapsUp, CockpitLight1, CockpitLight2, CockpitLight3, CockpitAlarm1, CockpitAlarm2, CockpitAlarm3, RaiseUndercarriage, LowerUndercarriage, BigSplosh, ShipsBell, GalleonCannon, ShipSinking, AtomBomb, DistantBomb1, DistantBomb2, DistantBomb3, DistantBomb4, BombDropWhistle, OpenBombDoors, CloseBombDoors, HUDTargetSighted, HUDTargetSeeking, HUDTargetLock, HUDMisc1, HUDMisc2, Touchdown, SynthRocket, Flare1, Flare2, Flare3, Chaff1, Chaff2, Missile1, Missile2, Missile3, SubmarinePing, ShipsEngineExt, ShipsEngineInt, MotorboatEngine, Foghornish, Afterburner, FigherCannon1, FighterCannon2, FighterCannon3, FighterCannon3Loop, FighterCannon4, DropBomb1, DropBomb2, DropBomb3, DropBomb4, OpenMotorisedHatch, Eject.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.