S018 Background Loops

This set contains several seamless loops for ambient sound in a variety of locations. All of the loops apart from AmbSteamEscaping are eight seconds long and all loop perfectly and without obvious repetition. The stereo effects have a lot of stereo width and the mono versions are more than a merging of the stereo versions.

30 Sound Effects
AmbTraffic, AmbTownCentre, AmbDepartmentStore, AmbConcreteSaw, AmbRoadworks, AmbSubway, AmbCity, AmbNearRailway, AmbCityRain, AmbBirdsong, AmbBeesInField, AmbPark, AmbDuringStorm, AmbSuburbia, AmbRailwayStation, AmbHospitalWard, AmbNearSea, AmbFootballCrowd1, AmbFootballCrowd2, AmbRockCrowd, AmbRaceTrack, AmbWarehouse, AmbMeatFactory, AmbChemistryLab, AmbComputers, AmbSteamEscaping, AmbAcidlake, AmbElectricalPylons, AmbMountainPeak, AmbRogueDungeon.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.