S017 Car Sounds

This set includes many looping engine noises for cars and other vehicles, and car fixture sounds such as doors, windscreen wipers, and vehicle controls. All of the engine loops have been designed to pitch up or down to give the impression of acceleration when used in a game. The set also includes train sounds, vehicle impacts and smash noises, and several loops for sci-fi racer style engines. To round off the collection there are also some factory machine sounds of the sort often used in first person shooter environments.

91 Sound Effects
AmbDistantTraffic, CarPassingHeavy, CarPassingLight, CarPassingWhisper, CarCrashHeavy1, CarCrashHeavy2, CarCrashHeavy3, CarCrashMedium1, CarCrashMedium2, CarCrashMedium3, CarImpactBang, CarBump1, CarBump2, ImpactVehicle1, ImpactVehicle2, CarStarter1, CarStarter2, CarStarter3, ArcadeGearChange1, ArcadeGearChange2, EnginePowerDown, CarEngineExt1, CarEngineExt2, CarEngineExt3, CarEngineInt1, CarEngineInt2, CarEngineInt3, CarEngineIdle, JeepEngineExt1, JeepEngineExt2, JeepEngineExt3, JeepEngineIdle, CarReverseInt, CarLanding, DieselTrainPassing, BulletTrainPassing, SteamTrainLoop, TrainHorn, SpaceCarEngine, CarHornHonk, CarHornBeep, CarHornHoot, CarHornSqueak, CarHornClear, SkidWithEngine, RocketBike, MotorPowerDown, StarbikeEngine1, StarbikeEngine2, CarDoorOpen, CarDoorClose1, CarDoorClose2, CarDoorClose3, WipersSlow, WindscreenWipers, SeatbeltLock, SeatbeltUnlock, Indicators, RacingEngineLoExt, RacingEngineMidExt, RacingEngineHiExt, RacingEngineLoInt, RacingEngineMidInt, RacingEngineHiInt, ReverseAlert, VanEngineIdle, SmashAndAlarm, CarAlarmSimple, AirbreaksStagger, AirbrakesHiss, BreakSqueal, TankEngine, ArtificialSteamEngine, SteamWhistle, GearLever1, GearLever2, SlideToStop, SlideToSqueak, ArtificialMotorcycle1, ArtificialMotorcycle2, CockpitControlSwitch, StrangeEngine, NoisyEngine, ChuggingEngine, FactoryMachine, MeatProcessor, ProjectorMotor, SetAlarm, StartingBeepLo, StartingBeepHi, Checkpoint.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S017 Car Sounds
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