S016 Knightlore

Developed for role playing and dungeon-style games, Knightlore contains a hefty selection of melee weapon sounds, plus pick-up and drop effects for items, dungeon style monster effects, trap sounds, monster roar and attack effects, and some cave drips and other sounds useful for atmospheric ambience.

76 Sound Effects
Anvil, BladeTrap, BounceLong, BounceQuick, BurningTorch, CatPurr, CavernDrip1, CavernDrip2, CaveStep1, CaveStep2, DaggerBlade, DaggerHit, DaggerRing, DartTrap, DropHeavyThing, GiantSlugWalk, GiantWalking1, GiantWalking2, Gong, GoryDeath, Guillotine, HitLava, JellyCube, JumpHup, KnightPunch, LadderStep1, LadderStep2, LaunchFireball, LockDoor, LoopColdWind, LoopFountain, LoopLava, LoopSeashore, OpenMetalGate, PathStep1, PathStep2, RattleBox, SlideSqueaky, SnakeAttack, SnakeDeath, SpellFizzle, SpinningBlades, SquidgeAttack, SquidgeDeath, SquidgeHit, SquidgeUp, StrokeBlade1, StrokeBlade2, SwingOnVine, SwordAnvil, SwordDulled, SwordImpact, SwordLight1, SwordLight2, SwordLight3, SwordLoud1, SwordLoud2, SwordLoud3, SwordRing1, SwordRing2, SwordRing3, SwordRing4, SwordRing5, SwordRing6, SwordTap1, SwordTap2, SwordTap3, SwordTap4, Thundercrack, TurnPage, UnlockDoor, UnrollScroll, VampireHiss, VocalAgh, VocalUrgh, ZombieRoar.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S016 Knightlore
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