S015 Sokoban Sounds

There are sounds for sliding, rolling or pushing objects, as well as switches and elevators, and some good explosion sounds for items such as wooden crates and glass bricks. Some good Tomb Raider style wooden lever and door sounds are also included, and new two step footsteps on different surfaces.

102 Sound Effects
AztecLeverPull, AztecLeverPush, AztecPortcullisClose, AztecSwitch, BatContract, BatExpand, BrickOutClassic, BrickOutTinkle, BubbleBreath, BumpBarrel, BumpCrate, Buzzer, CarHornHonky, CartoonSkid, CartoonThrow, ChairScrape, ClickGemFirst, ClickGemSecond, CloseTrapdoor, CoinShower, CrateExploding, CrystalImpact, DeepRollMetallic, DigitalTick1, DigitalTick2, DustyFootstep1, DustyFootstep2, DynamiteBlast, Eat, EatingMonster, ElevatorFast, FanTurning, FlipTileEnd, FlipTileFlip, GemHitBreathyHi, GemHitBreathyLo, GemImpact, GemRevealDown, GemRevealUp, GemVanish1, GemVanish2, GiantDoorSlam, GlassBrickExploding, GUIBeepDown, GUIBeepUp, GUITap, HitBatHard, HitBrickHollow, HitPongBat, HitSynth, HitWallTron1, HitWallTron2, IceCubeExploding, LaserShot, LiftEnd, LiftUp, NinjaFootstep, OilCanPumpOff, OilCanPumpOn, OldClockTick, OldClockTock, OpenBox, OpenTrapdoor, OpenWoodenChest, OpenWoodenDoor, PacEatDotty, PacPowerPill, PickupFalling, PickupGlissando, PickupJewel, PickupMagic, PickupWeapon, PlasticSwitch, PuddleStep1, PuddleStep2, PutDown, QuizBuzzer1, QuizBuzzer2, QuizBuzzer3, RocketGun, RustyMachine, ShoveCrate, ShoveObject, SlideArtificial, SlideBarrel, SlideBoulderDeep, SlideBoulderLong, SlideBoulderShort, SlideBrush, SlideCrate, StarPongHit1, StarPongHit2, StarPongPlain, StoneFootstep1, StoneFootstep2, SwapTiles, TrekDoorOpen, Upgrade, VampireBatSqueaking, VanishInStars, WeaponBonus, WeaponsArmed.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.