S014 Space Shooter

A full package to create a variety of retro-style shooters or space action games. Space Shooter contains electronic zaps and other space weapon sounds. Some machine-gun type sounds are included along with retro style explosions, power-up beeps and glissandos, menu click noises, and some looping effects such as beam lasers.

103 Sound Effects
Activate, AlertSiren, AlienSpeechSynth, Appear, ArcadeEnemyShot, Artillery, AutoGun, BeamBore, BeamLaserRough, BeamPhaser, BeamSaw, BeamSmooth, BeamTri, BELaser, BellDing, BigBonus, ClassicLaser, ClassicZap, ClockworkTimebomb, Computer, DotGun, DramaticSlam, DynamiteFuse, EnterArena, ExplosionChorus, ExplosionDelayed, ExplosionDerez, ExplosionLong, ExplosionMassive, ExplosionShip, ExplosionSmall, ExUnderwaterLong, ExUnderwaterShort, FitUpgrade, GainBonus, GainLife, GameOverDry, GameOverRobot, GrenadeThrow, HelicopterLoop, HitNotKilled, HitTankWalls, Homing, InvaderGun, InvaderSaucerLoop, IonGunHi, IonGunLo, LevelDefender, LittleBang, LostSirenFall, Machinegun, MenuClickBeep, MineActive, Missile, OneThrustPulse, PickupBells, PickupBing, PickupCoin, PickupElorch, PickupHappy4, PickupHappy7, PickupHarpGliss, PickupMello, PickupRelease, PickupVibes, PickupWeapon, PobbleGun, PulseShot, ResoLaserHi, ResoLaserLo, RocketsHi, RocketsLo, RotateTurret, ScissorsSnip, ShatterBomb1, ShatterBomb2, SimpleGun, SineDoor, SineGun, Skycopter, Slam, SmartBomb, SmartPrime, SparkShields, SpinningMirror, StabAahMajor, StabAahMinor, SuperLaser, SuperShort, SwitchClick, SynthCannon, Thruster, ThrusterApollo, TinSpeechGameOver, TinSpeechLaser, TractorBeam, TurretGun, WubbleGun, Zap, ZapHard, ZapToo, Zip, ZipZip.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S014 Space Shooter
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