S013 Hits

Hits is full of attack and hit sounds including kung-fu movie style punch noises, melee attacks and object throws, retro-style arcade explosions, spark sounds and alien shield hits, blade slices including lots of good pain and flesh cut noises, and some large and meaty explosion sounds. You'll also find plenty of generic thud sounds that can be used for weapon hits on enemies, landing after jumping, or footsteps.

101 Sound Effects
ArrowHit, AttackFist, AttackKick, AttackRetro, BangHeadComical, BottlesTouch, CreatureBite, CutFleshBasic, CutFleshPain, CutFleshSword, DroppedGlass, ExplosionChorus, ExplosionDistant, ExplosionFighter, ExplosionIncendiary, ExplosionLight, ExplosionMothership, ExplosionPip, ExplosionPop, ExplosionSteam, ExplosionUnderwater, ExplosionVast, FingerPop, FlamerBlast, Hammer, HitBox, HitMech, HitShields, HitSparksFizz, HitSparksHi, HitSparksLo, HitSparksMotor, KarateChop, KnifeIntoStone, MetalBang, MetalClang, MetalRing, Ouch, Pain, PingPongBallA, PingPongBallB, PingPongFrom, PingPongTo, PoolBalls1, PoolBalls2, PunchClassic1, PunchClassic2, PunchDrum, PunchHouse, PunchMetal, PunchPower1, PunchPower2, PunchShot, PunchSimple, PunchSmack, PunchSnap, PunchWhite, RetroExplosion64, RetroExplosionBang, RetroExplosionFlurry1, RetroExplosionFlurry2, RetroExplosionLPF, RetroExplosionQ, RetroExplosionRaw, RetroExplosionSin, RetroExplosionSqr, RobotPain, ServiceBell, ShieldsAlien1, ShieldsAlien2, ShieldsLiquid, ShieldsLo, ShieldsMoan, ShieldsSaw, SliceBlood, SliceDeep, SliceExclude, SliceFlesh, SmashBolt, SmashDeep, SmashFragment, SmashSplosh, SparkPain, SparksTuned, SparksWhite, Throw, ThrowCutesy, ThudBasic, ThudGeneric, ThudMetallic, ThudOnBack, ThudOnBody, ThudOnClothes, ThudOnTorso, ThudOnWood, TwigSnap1, TwigSnap2, TwigSnap3, Typerwriter, WaterDrop, Whop.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.