S012 Footsteps

Footsteps contains lots of cleanly recorded human footsteps, using a variety of surfaces and footwear. Some robotic and creature footsteps are also included. Many of these effects are raw recordings trimmed and balanced for best effect and all are very clean and raw, ready to add reverberation if you desire. For those who prefer ready to use effects, versions of some of the sounds in different simulated environments are also included.

92 Sound Effects
Carefulstep1, Carefulstep2, Carefulstep3, DistantGodzilla, Drumstep, Grassstep1, Grassstep2, Grassstep3, Grassstep4, Grassstep5, Grassstep6, Grassstep7, Gravelstep1, Gravelstep2, Gravelstep3, InsectWalk, Leatherstep1, Leatherstep2, Leatherstep3, Leatherstep4, Leatherstep5, Lightstep1, Lightstep2, Lightstep3, LS1Bathroom, LS1Cave, LS2Bathroom, LS2Cave, LS3Bathroom, LS3Cave, Metalfoot, Metalgrid1, Metalgrid2, Metalgrid3, Metalgrid4, Metalgrid5, Quietstep1, Quietstep2, Quietstep3, Quietstep4, Quietstep5, Robometal1, Robometal2, Robostep1, Robostep2, Robostep3, Robostep4, S1Ceiling, S2Ceiling, S3Ceiling, S4Ceiling, Slabstep1, Slabstep2, Slabstep3, Slabstep4, Slidestep1, Slidestep2, Slidestep3, Slidestep4, Slidestep5, Slidestep6, Slidestep7, Slidestep8, Sneakstep1, Sneakstep2, Sneakstep3, Snowstep1, Snowstep2, Snowstep3, Snowstep4, SS1Chamber, SS2Chamber, SS3Chamber, SS4Chamber, SS5Chamber, Stonestep1, Stonestep2, Stonestep3, Stonestep4, Stonestep5, Stoneturn1, Stoneturn2, Stoneturn3, Stoneturn4, Stoneturn5, Twigstep1, Twigstep2, Woodenwalk, Wrapstep1, Wrapstep2, Wrapstep3, Wrapstep4.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S012 Footsteps
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