S011 Atmosphere

Atmosphere contains lots of stereo loops of background noise. As well as natural atmospheric sound, like rivers, rain, wind and fire, other ambient sounds such as machine and sci-fi noises are also included. All samples loop seamlessly and are not audibly repetitive, while remaining relatively short for memory intensive applications. The typical loop length is 5 to 20 seconds.

29 Sound Effects
Brook, Clinical, ConstantTraffic, ForestBrook, Inferno, InsectsEverywhere, JungleAnimals, JungleWater, MachineRoom, Night, Office, RainFlow, RainHeavy, RainInside, RainRoof, RainTropical, RocketEngine, SeaStorm, SeaWhite, SpaceshipBridge, SpaceshipCorridor, Stream, SunnyDay, Undersea, Warehouse, WindCold, WindDeep, WindFresh, WindWhite.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.

S011 Atmosphere
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