S010 Water

The second set of 'pure grey' sounds of raw recordings, this set contains mono dry recordings of water effects. Bubbles, boiling, drips, splashes, and other raw water sounds, these are idea for realistic settings, but come into a class of their own when used for layering to create new sound effects. The shower sounds and waterfall flows, for example, be used to create everything from a country river to a distant torrent.

88 Sound Effects
AerosolLidOff, AerosolLidOn, BeakerBubble1, BeakerBubble2, BeakerBubble3, BeakerBubble4, BeakerBubble5, BeakerBubble6, BeakerBubble7, BeakerBubble8, BeakerBubbles, BottleWobble1, BottleWobble2, Cistern, Drain1, Drain2, DripBlop, DripDeep, DripHello, DripLoud, DripShort, DripSlap, DripSplosh, DripThin, DripWet, FillBeaker, FillMug, FillMugDrippy, FlowHeavy1, FlowHeavy2, FlowHeavy3, FlowHeavy4, FlowHeavy5, FlowLight1, FlowLight2, FlowMedium1, FlowMedium2, FlowSewers, Flush, FountainFull, FountainLoop, JugBubble1, JugBubble10, JugBubble11, JugBubble12, JugBubble2, JugBubble3, JugBubble4, JugBubble5, JugBubble6, JugBubble7, JugBubble8, JugBubble9, JugBubbles1, JugBubblesShallow, JungleSpring, KettleBoil, KettleBoilShort, RainBehindGlass, RainBirds, RainDrippy, RainFlow, RainInside, RainPlastic, RainShort, RainVeryPlastic, ShowerLong, ShowerShort, SinkEmpty, SinkFill1, SinkFill2, SinkPlug, SloshDrippy, SloshSlap, SloshWhip, SprayAerosolLong, SprayAerosolShort, SprayAroma, SprayGlass, SprayGlassOut, SprayLavender, SprayPaintShake, TapLesser, TapLoud, TinFill, Unplug, UnplugBurp, UnplugFlow.

All sounds are supplied as 44,100khz 16-bit wav files.