IndieSFX Music Standard Licence

Our Standard Licence grants you the non-exclusive right to use a purchased IndieSFX Music track ("the track") under the following terms.

1. You may use all or part of the track freely and without royalty or further payment in any of the following media projects:
-Computer games and applications including commercial software products in download or physical formats.
-Website background music.
-Web based games (eg. HTML5, Flash).
-Online streaming video, including monetized videos.
-Wedding videos and any non-commercial video intended for private viewing.
-Slideshows and presentations.
-Educational or training videos, including those used in paid seminars or workshops.

2. You may NOT use any part of the track in any of the following media projects:
-Broadcast television advertising.
-Videos intended for download.
-Theatrical films, or any film or video intended to be shown to a paying audience.

3. You may not distribute or licence the track for use to any other party.

4. You many not sell or distribute the track on its own, only as part of your own media project.

5. You may not sell or distribute the track in a format where a third party can access the track as a separate file (eg. website templates).

6. You may not wrongly credit the track or claim ownership of it.

7. The full copyrights and moral rights of the track remain with the author.

If you require a track for a purpose not permitted here, please email for details.