Owning The Full IndieSFX Library

The ideal game development studio needs a library of sound effects on tap, and you can purchase the entire IndieSFX Library to use and modify as you desire. You can order the current library as it exists at this moment, or order the current library plus free updates under the following terms.

1. Upon ordering, download links to the current sound effects library will be supplied to the customer by the payment processor.

2. When a new sound effects set is released, customers registered for free lifetime updates will be emailed a free personalised download link to the new set. A sound effects set is defined as a group of audio files as named and publicly listed on the Sounds page of www.indesfx.co.uk.

3. Download links are temporary and typically last one week.

4. It is the responsibility of the customer to download and important to keep back-up copies of any files, as lost files cannot be resupplied.

Our sound effect usage licence terms can be found on the licence page here.